What makes a good travel blog?

I have just been strolling the net for some inspiration about our upcoming trip to Salzburg and honestly, I tried to find pictures of other bloggers about our accomodation. While I was not successful, I found out that some wannabe colleagues of us, which call themselves "luxury" travel bloggers start publishing fake reviews of hotels.

One example: I was in London last January with my colleagues Lukas and Thomas for the opening of the Urban Villa. Another travel blogger sent me a message about our experience and I answered honestly and kind. He had just published a review of the upscale Shangri-La London at the Shard and I was sure he stayed there. After chatting with the blogger of the site, it turned out that he did not stay there, instead he only was there for a site inspection. So I ask myself how can this blogger write a review of a luxury hotel when he did not use the pool, the towels, the shower, did not encounter a problem, interacted with the staff or tried the beds? In fact it is not possible! 

It might be cool and a blog might get fame if it features hotels like a Four Seasons Paris, Corinthia London or Augustine Prague (when we know exactely that they do not invite travel bloggers), so in fact it is just modern advertising. The blogger gets a free coffee or lunch, writes a nice review and leaves after 1 hour. Is that a real luxury travel blogger? This issue gives me the feeling that our department is getting worse as well (like the reviews on tripadvisor). 

So be careful with other luxury travel bloggers unless they clearly state that they stayed there and have not only been there for a few hours.

One of the best travel blogs (beside Travel Executive ;-) ) and definitely the most honest travel blog we know is: YHBU (You Have Been Upgraded)