Limousine Check - Stockholm

Everyone knows that Stockholm is famous for its fresh air. Well, if you think it is because of the water, you are not so wrong, but the main reason is the strict policy to car allowance and the fact that the main International airport is situated nearly one hour outside the city centre. We were really lucky and found the wonderful Anlers Limousine Service via Instagram. Upon a short email traffic we immediately arranged our return limousine transfer from Arlanda to the one and only Grand Hotel in Södra Blasieholmshamnen.

Upon leaving the passport and toll control, we entered the arrival hall where our very kind driver waited for us with a sign. Just outside the hall we found a very cool, luxurious and just brand new Mercedes S-Class Limousine. Two bottles of San Pellegrino were already put in place in order to fill our thirst after the two-hours flight with Norwegian - without complimentary drinks. 

Honestly, we expected our drive to be very long (it was calculated with 40 minutes), but in fact the drive into the city went by way too fast - lasting only 30 minutes and driving in one of the most wonderful cars we have ever been driving. Thanks to our driver, we have ben driving through the city centre in1stead of the tunnels next to the main station - which was a big plus and therefore an excellent first impression of Stockholm. 

The seats were extremely comfortable and we also arranged the transfer back with Anlers Limousine Service, which was so relaxing before the flight back home. Whenever we will go to Stockholm, we will always try to book a limousine with Anlers. It's simply a wonderful experience.

Our drives from and to the airport have been sponsored by Mr. Patrick Anlers and Anlers Limousine Service. All above written is our personal opinion and has not been influenced.