Limousine Check - Barcelona

It was a sunny Monday morning, less expectations to the flight and Barcelona, when we entered our plane. Being it an Vueling flight we expected to seat narrow, yet truly uncomfortable with rude servive. Indeed it was the complete contrary. We were seated in row 6 and luckily the place between us was kept empty. Due to the fact that row 7 was empty too, we were enjoying our flight with this "budget airline" at our fullest, not only because of the excellent weather, having offered us an amazing view of Northern Italy and the Côte d'Azur.

At the Barcelona Aiport we have been picked up by a gorgeous Mercedes S-Class of Abaser Limousine Service. Inside the limousine we found two bottles of water together with a refreshing towel by Bulgari Eau Thé Blanc. Our driver (originally from GB) was very friendly and we had a very nice chat throughout the drive.

The whole fleet is in an excellent condition and the BMW 7i have also televisions inside the car, which is a nice touch. Unfortunately we only drove 15 minutes to our accommodation (The Hotel Arts). All in all we can highly recommend the Abaser Limousine Service in Barcelona. 

We were offered complimentary return airport transfer by Abaser Limousine Service Barcelona. Thank you very much.