Staying at The Grand (Hotel) Stockholm - Part 2

The best part of my stay was of course the Nordic Spa at the Grand Hotel. The indoor pool is one of the most wonderful in Europe to my taste, together with the one at the Corinthia London and the Hotel Europe in Killarney. There were two gender-separated changing rooms with sauna, steam room and dipping pool as well as showers and a small bar. The temperature of the indoor pool was very pleasant at 27c. If this is still too cold for your taste, there is a hot jacuzzi next to the pool at very comfortable 32c. One thing to remember is that the out-of-the-world Nordic Spa is also limited by space and therefore there are also limited relax chairs: a total of 10 chaise longues are way too less at peak hour, but there are also relax zones around the pool which take away the 

After coming back to my room at the first evening we decided to have dinner in the hotel and after coming back to the room I found out that there was a disturbing noise coming from the ballroom in front of my room. I went down to the front desk to change the room, but they told me that no other rooms are available. So I went back very sadly and waited until 11pm until the music stops according to the schedule. In fact it was 11.15 pm until there was no more noise.

After a sightseeing tour on Stockholm's waters with a boat, we went through the market hall, the Vasa Museum and of course we have been to NK, the Selfridges or Harrods of Scandinavia. When coming back to the hotel I watched inside the ballroom and I saw that they build up for an huge event. I guessed that there will be the same issue on the second night. And of course I was right! When coming back to my room at 10.00 pm I experienced noise again. I called the front desk and they told me again, no other room available, that the event lasts until 1 am. WOW, so I wanted to have a drink at Cadier Bar, but there was absolutely no seat available. 

After checking out, they did not take notes about my issues and they only grant a compensation after I complaint about my sleepless nights. They invited us for breakfast one day and that's it. I was not satisfied with this small compensation and therefore contacted the General Manager personally after coming back to Austria. 

Mrs Barck finally invited me to stay again at the Grand Hotel Stockholm and I am waiting for the voucher to be arrived here in Central Europe. I will keep you updated for a new experience at this Grand Hotel and member of the Leading Hotels of the World.