The perfect pre-summer hideaway!

Have you already had these thoughts of staying in a top-notch property in Northern-Italy to purchase some new summer outfits at renowned fashion outlets (e.g. Armani, Moncler, Cerutti, Diesel etc.) or maybe some new home details at Frette, Alessi or Rivolta Carmignani?

We found some very interesting short-term deals at our favourite North Italian resorts, which you can find following:

1.) L'Albereta - Locanda in Franciacorta

As one of our boss' favourite places in whole Lombardy, this luxurious place is simply perfect for all spa and wine lovers. The hotel even has its own winery, and not a bad one: Bellavista is predicted to produce Italy's best sparkling wine, called Franciacorta. Rates start at 315,00 euros.

For further information please visit our review!


2.) Byblos Art Hotel Verona

The place to stay for all fashionistas and design lovers. This hotel has got no corner without any art piece. Fully styled rooms with a wonderfully set outdoor pool, free shuttle-service and a small spa with jacuzzi! Beside the location, outside the hustle and bustle of the city of Romance, this hotel has got several excellent restaurants with great value in the surrounding. Rates start from 220,00 euros. 

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3.) Lefay Resort, Lago di Garda

Although this lake has already got many hotels and the cities are crowded with german speaking guests, the Lefay Resort is a place to hide away for the real Italians. The amazing infinity pool is worth a stay itself, but the suites are enormous, too! It is expensive indeed while rates start at 350,00 euros per night, but I can only assure that this hotel is simply amazing. Please visit the website for any further informations:

Now to the special and interesting point:

As we mentioned above, we can get you really crazing deals at these three hotels.

First, the wonderful L'Albereta is available at just 1000 USD for three nights including a lunch and breakfast in a Junior Suite. Contact us for any further information.