Restaurant Check - Obauer in Werfen

Last weekend I had the pleasure to dine in Austria's second best restaurant - Obauer - located about 30 minutes South of the city Salzburg.

The first amuse bouche

The service was kind and the head sommelier recommended an excellent wine pairing. Our menu included 3-courses and was priced 54 euros per Person excluding beverages, which were averagely priced for this kind of restaurant (in my opinion). What I disliked was that the server gave us the regular menu, although I had booked the Nespresso Gourmet Menu, as well as the fast service of the food - it gave a hectic feeling: As soon as we got our water and wine, the first Amuse-Bouche was served.

The second amuse bouche

After another 10-15 minutes we received the next amuse bouche and after the third amuse (a thinly sliced tartar), we were served the first course of the menu: a terrine with foie gras. Well, it was fine. 

Our main courses were either excellent white fish with two kinds of asparagus, or finest lamb with small cheese dumplings and Austrian coleslaw. 

The final course, before the Nespresso Grand Cru, was a light dessert variation including cream cheese with lemon, apple strudel, and mocha ice, followed by very creamy macarons and small pastries.

The third and last amuse bouche

Excellent wine pairing

First course - terrine of Foie Gras 

Second course 1 - Fish

Second course 1 - side dish - asparagus pudding

Second course 2 - Three kinds of lamb

Second course 2 - side dishes of the lamb

Third course - a variation of dessert

Finally - Macarons and house-made pastries