Christmas Getaway

The last weekend before Christmas is coming soon and if you did not yet get the full feeling of Christmas mood, then this might be the places to be before the 24th December.

1. Head to a Christmas Market

Austria, North Italy, Germany and Switzerland as well as the Czech Republic boast some of the most beautiful christmas markets you can find. My top favourite christmas markets are the one in Kitzbühel, Vienna and Salzburg in Austria, Munich and Prague. I more prefer the small christmas markets instead of the oversized ones - they have a more charming style with good quality food and drinks.

2. Plan a relaxing trip to a wellness resort

Do like I do and find yourself again at a luxurious five-star property in the alps. Go swimming under the stars while the snow is falling and the air is fresher than ever. Some dazzling examples are the Arosa Grand-Spa Resort and the Grand Tirolia in the area of Kitzbühel, Schloss Fuschl near Salzburg, as well as the Tschuggen Grand Hotel in Arosa, Switzerland.

3. Stay at home and escape for New Year's Eve

Relax in a peaceful surrounding of your own home. Pack your bags on Christmas Day and reserve your seat for a long-haul flight bringing you to an exotic destination such as the Maldives, Seychelles, or the Caribbean. If you prefer to stay within Europe, head to Greece, Sicily or Portugal. My favourite place for an Italian Escape to the Aeolian Islands is the

Therasia Resort

on the island of Vulcano. Rooms start at 150 Euros including an excellent dinner and lavish buffet breakfast with stunning sea views.