Insider's Getaway - Cool London

The summer will no longer be with us in Middle Europe and so we have to see the fact that fall arrived. Although summer was nice and even not too short, it's time for planning your next city trip. We have got 94 days until christmas, so you can afford another trip before the annual christmas weekend travels. 

Today we present our top places to be in London, United Kingsdom. The temperatures fall down to 15°c and the sun is coming though. So why not heading to a cool capital to shop some new winter clothes and tasting through the world's most luxurious perfumes.

Corinthia Hotel London

Absolutely one of my top favourite hotels in the world. I am a big fan of the 24 hours check-in/check-out policy which is in my opinion a big advantage for the discerning traveller. The Spa is amazing, too, with indoor pool and separate hydro pool – as well as floor heating everywhere. The prices are moderate for the huge offer.

The Savoy London

This is Londons most traditional hotel and it really shows that it wants to be the Best property in town. In my opinion it is very hard to be unique in London as there are nowhere else so much hotels to choose. I did not enjoy the stay as the price for a River-View room is very high and everything is extra at high prices.


The coolest of all department stores, is directly located next to the Regent Street and sells nearly everything from skincare to clothing. They have also their own products and textiles, as well as some luxury brands.


More beautiful than the famous Harrods and less crowded (except peak hours). They sell really every high-end brand, like Tiffany&Co, Bulgari, Louis Vuitton and Prada. If you’re looking for a unknown designer brand, than this place might turn you off.

Covent Garden

One of the most beautiful parts in London with cool shops, small restaurants and boutique hotels, as well as theatres. When you are around there, make sure to see Covent Garden Market, with the Ladurée Store and acoustic musicians singing for free.

What to take away?

Jo Malone, Molton Brown, and Espa are just a few brands for the best of best skincare products. There are some less known brands as well, such as Noble Isle, Temple Spa and Bamford. So, when you go through Liberty, Harrods or Selfridges, you will find every available brand, while the non-available ones can be found on Regent Street or around Great Marlborough Street.