Travel Diary: My Summer holidays Part 4

Finally after another day of travelling we arrived at our most Southern Place to stay, in Taormina on the island of Sicily! It is a wonderful island, with lots of palms and olive trees! 

I just checked in at the more-than-old San Domenico Palace Hotel in Taormina, which is beautifully situated in the Front row of this picturesque town!

The hotel itself is not a "Leading Hotel of the world" for me at first sight! Everything is really old and the pool, where I am just trying to relax is more than sad! There is one guy just sitting and waiting for guests. When someone arrives he is just giving a towel and that's it!

The room is old and does look like the part of the building where we are staying - unfriendly and dirty! This is not the place where I am relaxing. I cannot even await my departure, to leave this place!

Hopefully everything changes after the night, like at the Capo la Gala Hotel!

Best regards, Daniel