Insider's Getaway - a Weekend in Florence

Its summer at its best and when else should you make holidays - if not now? 

One of my favourite places to be on this planet is the beautiful Tuscany in Italy. That's the reason why I would like to invite you to a small trip through the capital of this magnificent region.

1. Florence is one of Italy's largest cities and therefore very famous for its food and beverages. The most famous wine is the Chianti, which grows about 10 km south of Florence. The most famous dish in Florence is of course "La Bistecca Fiorentina" - the T-Bone Steak Florentine Style. Although you have to be a large group of people to eat this kind of meat, this is one of my favourite dishes. The best place to try such fabulous Bistecca is the Ristorante Da Delfina in the picturesque town of Artimino, about 20 minutes south-west of Florence.

2. For all of you who thibk Florence is just well known for its Renaissance buildings, arts and food: One of the worlds most famous and oldest pharmacies is located on Piazza Santa Maria Novella, just between the main station and the Piazza Duomo. The Officina Profumo Farmaceutica di Santa Maria Novella is a museum and beauty store in one building, which should not be missed by beauty friends.

3. If you are seeking for a masterpiece of Florentine perfume, then head on to Lorenzo Villoresi, Ortigia or Dr. Vranjes. If you cannot effort these high-price waters, you should just walk-in in these flagship-stores of Ortigia and Dr. Vranjes - it is really worth a visit!

4. Wanted ever to visit the world famous "Uffizi" Gallery. Oh yeah, it is really worth waiting. Although there is a fast-speed access via Online booking, you still have to wait in a queue to get your tickets.

Skip the line at Uffizi Gallery

5. Stay like a Florentine Nomad at the Lungarno Collection Hotels. If you checked in at one of the four Florence properties and you do not feel 100 percent authentic, then take a shower with real Salvatorre Ferragamo "Tuscan Soul" amenities and you will immediately know where you are. Room rates start at 140.00 euros at the Gallery Art Hotel.