Insider's Guide - "Upgrade your travel style"

You know the feeling when you would like to stay at the best hotel in city, but you are not able or willing to pay the high prices?

Then you should try the new hotel platform "EASYNEST". This is definitifely the best way to stay at any of the world's best hotels at the half price! 

Do you still stay in a Classic Room? 

For example, I just found The Dorchester Hotel in London for 200 Euros per night instead of 400! This rate is not even for a Classic room - it's the luxurious Executive Suite.

This hotel does never have any kind of special offers, however now it's affordable! 

Another example is the Four Seasons in New York and in Hongkong where your stay will cost under 300 USD.

The terms and risks:

The only term is that you have to be in the city and in the hotel, at that date, the "Easynester" booked. Of course you can also start an enquiry and Easynest will help you finding a roommate. 

The risk you have is that you do not know your travel partner personally, but as the website was just born, there are only 5-10 users online. So in my opinion there is no high risk yet!

Just try it and start staying at the world's most luxurious hotels for a bargain!