48 Hours at the Four Seasons Hotel Gresham Palace, Budapest

Our stay at the Four Seasons Gresham Palace Budapest:

Overall it was a stay at a high-class luxury hotel but not worth the high (price) uprgade from other luxuris hotels in Budapest, like the Boscolo, the Kempinski, the Corinthia or the Buddha Palace. For the price of at least 350 Euros per room/night in low season, this hotel is too expensive for what they offer. If you want view of the Danube then you have to spend another 200 Euros! If you directly head to the Marriott or the Sofitel, the Danube Room starts from 120 Euros in Low Season.

The Service has nothing to do with the Four Seasons Paris or Florence and is not Four Seasons standard in my opinion. 

The rooms are not the largest among the hotel rooms in the Hungarian capital, and not bright, too. Altough the bathrooms are generous and offer a separate shower and tub. The bath products are not unique ones - L'Occitane is available at nearly every airport nowadays!

The restaurant was a big disappointment for us. We had a 100 Euro Voucher to be spend at the spa or in the restaurant. The food was quite good but when I compare the Gresham Restaurant with the "cottoCrudo" in FS Prague, then it is a real ripp off. The "cottoCrudo" in Prague was amazing with outstanding service and creative dishes - not so in FS Budapest.

Furthermore, the Four Seasons Spa was the best thing of our first Four Seasons experience. The pool is large, the jacuzzi hot enough and the views through the small windows is amazing!

For 350 Euros per night and room I would definitely stay at another property in Budapest, but I also saw some rates for a weekend next February for just 250 Euros per night/room, which is a quite good deal! 

If you have a big wallet and you want a high-class furnished hotel with the best location you can get, a top-notch spa with an indoor pool- then you should check-in there!