Insider's Getaway - Venice!

You do not yet know were to spend some days during your summer holidays? Then a City Break is not that bad for you!

If you are looking for a city, which cools you off, then get up and take your bags to Venice. Just hop on a water-taxi and arrive at the impeccable Hilton Molino Stucky Venice Hotel. 

The perfect place to see Venice off the beaten tourist track! The hotel's own water-shuttle goes every 30 Minutes to Saint Mark's Square and every 15 minutes to the Opera house just over the Canal Grande. The rooms are the most spacious in Venice and the Club rooms are worth the Upgrade - not just only beacuse the Club Lounge - they also come with views over the Canal Grande and the Cruise ship terminal.The absolute highlight of this hotel is the rooftop panorama pool with stunning views over Venice. 

The best reason for staying at this hotel is the affordable price of approximately 250.00 Euros!

So what to do in the city of canals? 

  1. First, do not leave this magical city without having a Bellini. The best bar to have Bellini is the world famous Harry's Bar next to the Bauer Hotel. This might not only be the most expensive cocktail you've ever had - it's also the birthplace of this refreshing bomb!
  2. By the way, what about eating the original Cipriani's Carpaccio there? At about 20.00 Euros it is again the most expensive of its kind, but it is definitifely worth it. It is sliced in front of the table and the "Cipriani Sauce" is a tradition of itself and a secret recipe. For more informations check out the homepage of Harry's Bar Venezia!
  3. A must for all Venice travellers is a ride over the Canal Grande, either by complimentary shuttle boat (at the Hilton Hotel) or by private gondola (from 80.00 Euros for 40 minutes).
    Remember to take (at least one time) the water taxi. This is an exceptional experience, which should not be missed.
  4. Leave the beaten tourist track! Do not stay at the Piazza San Marco, where coffee costs 10 Euros. If it is an important part for you to have the most expensive coffee in your lifetime, then take a seat on the terrace of Café Florian on Piazza San Marco - they even charge you for their average live band!
  5. Take a break at one of Venice many islands, like Lido, Guidecca (where the Hilton is located) or Murano, where you can visit one of the world's most famous glass factories.

Venice is beautiful, but very expensive. Think twice where you wil stay, because you will not get back that soon. It is a totally different experience, when you stay in the city centre!